Ways Forward

During the 18 October 2023 meeting with the city local government unit of Malolos, ABB-BP and the EKN, Mayor Christian D. Natividad agreed to include budget line items in October 2023, and allocate local funding in relation to the implementation of the proposed NbS options in the pilot locations starting January 2024. Given this, Mayor Natividad approved the proposed NbS solutions for Brgys. Bagna-Panasahan and Pamarawan including the upper band conceptual budget estimate to implement the proposed NbS.

Other agreements include:

A follow-up site visit of RVO representatives from the Netherlands shall take place in November 2023. During this visit, the outline of the next phase can be approved. In addition, it is agreed to have a discussion to look for funding allocations for the next phases of the project. Lastly, Mr. Amiel Cruz of the City Environment and Management Office has been appointed as the liaison officer between the city government and the RVO/EKN.