The stakeholder engagement for the North Manila Bay Flood Protection Strategy aims to engage the stakeholders in a meaningful way, considering their aspirations, sentiments, and recommendations at different project stages. Specifically, the plan aims to: 

  • Inform the stakeholders about the project, how they will be engaged, and how their inputs will be used; and

  • Solicit the stakeholders' inputs in identifying and assessing the following:

    • Areas or area clusters for study;

    • Nature-based flood protection measures; and

    • Pilot locations

The stakeholder engagement for this project is premised on the principle that people and entities affected by the North Manila Bay Flood Protection Strategy have a right to be involved in the decision-making process. By recognizing, communicating, and reflecting the interests and needs of the different stakeholders, sustainable decisions are ensured. The stakeholder engagement provides opportunities for a wide range of stakeholders to:

  • Understand and support the project;

  • Share their needs, knowledge, and views on flood protection;

  • Transfer knowledge on Nature-based Solutions, and the benefits derived from these;

  • Participate in the process of identifying and developing flood protection strategies and selecting the pilot area(s); and

  • Promote practical cooperation among concerned entities and potential implementation partners.