Site Visits

For the team that is executing this North Manila Bay Flood Protection Strategy, understanding the North Manila Bay Delta area is pivotal in making a strategy that considers the local interest. Furthermore, the first projects arising from this strategy are expected to be smaller thus, locally implemented projects will require support from the local inhabitants and government units. Site visits and ocular inspections were conducted at the same time the community consultations and household surveys were held.

Locations of site visits

The site visits are a combination of the following activities:

  • Courtesy visits with Mayor and Vice Mayors of concerned LGU(s)

  • Meetings with other representatives of LGU and (regional/local) governmental organisations

  • Community consultations

  • Household surveys

  • Photo canvassing

  • Drone surveys

During the site visits an abundance of data, surveys, photos and videos were gathered. Refer to Appendix 3 for more details. More interactive data can be viewed digitally in the iReport of this strategy [LINK].