Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based Solutions address infrastructural needs, offer protection from climate impacts and act as hazard mitigation tools. There are multiple definitions of Nature-based Solutions available. Here, we follow the definition from IUCN [62]:

Nature-based Solutions are actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural and modified ecosystems that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits

Principles with this definition are that Nature-based Solutions:

  1. Embrace nature conservation practices;

  2. Can be implemented alone or integrated with other solutions;

  3. Are determined by site-specific natural and cultural contexts, based on traditional, local, scientific knowledge;

  4. Produce societal benefits in a fair and equitable way, in a transparent and broad participation;

  5. Maintain biological and cultural diversity and the ability of ecosystems to evolve over time;

  6. Are applied at the scale of the landscape or seascape;

  7. Recognize and address the trade-offs, between economic benefits versus a full range of ecosystem services;

  8. Are an integral part of overall design of policies, and measures and actions, to address a specific challenge.

System understanding is the key to successful implementation.

In-depth knowledge about the physical system (biotic and abiotic) as well as the socio-economic system and the ecosystem services and benefits and governance context is essential to identify potential win-win situations. Once these win-win situations are identified, a multidisciplinary team can work in close collaboration with stakeholders on a design that benefits society, biodiversity, and the economy. Nature-based Solutions can also be applied in combination with traditional civil engineering/landscaping solutions.

In this section, an overview is given of different Nature-based Solutions that may be suitable for flood protection in the North Manila Bay Delta. Every feasible solution is described, and scores are given to indicate the main benefits and downsides of the different Nature-based Solutions.

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