Appendix 6 shows a map of possible solutions that have been identified. The map aims to have a unified strategy across Bulacan and Pampanga.


Figure above shows the layout of the Pampanga River east bank.

Possible Pilot: Masantol and Macabebe embankments

To provide an example project/location, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency prioritise the development of pilot locations.


Flooding can cause significant disruptions and damages to human infrastructure; however, it is a natural process vital to many ecosystems. Floodwaters carry sediments – particles like sand, silt, and clay across various landscapes.

Pilot Location: Bagna/Panasahan

Pilot Location: Pamarawan


This chapter outlines the general practices for implementing the concept designs presented in the following section.

Concept Designs

In this section, the conceptual designs of the NbS interventions are presented for the two (2) pilot locations, particularly for: (i) green embankment; (ii) sediment trapping; and (iii) enhanced breakwaters.

Tasking and Budget Estimates

To develop the present conceptual designs into detailed engineering designs and working pilots, it is important to have a budget estimate of the proposed work items to be undertaken by the City LGU of Malolos for them to include in their allocation

Risks and Opportunities

RHDHV also recognizes that the pilot scoping entails various opportunities and risks as enumerated in the table below. Among the opportunities including the sources of funds for external funding and data sharing.

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