If funded, the LGUs of Masantol and Macabebe are both open for implementing these solutions (if funded). After the 2022 elections, the LGUs needs to assess if they are still willing to implement the Green Embankments and provide a list with possible locations. in close collaboration with DENR-BMB as the area include internationally important habitats for migratory species. The LGU(s) will need to discuss with land owners about titling/land issues arising from the embankment extension. It would be good to select a location for the Pilot in which the sea/river ward extension of the embankment is on government titled lands. Most, as all river banks 20 meter sea ward are public lands under the Water Code, there should be various locations available. The most feasible funding tracks would be a local LGU funded budget or the Peoples Survival Fund. This Nature-based Solutions Solution is an example of where trained local labourers from the community should have priority in executing the works.