Possible Pilot: Masantol and Macabebe embankments

To provide an example project/location, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency prioritise the development of pilot locations. The reason is that a main issue motivating use of Nature-based Solutions in the Philippines is lack of good example projects together with a dearth of knowledge; the construction in a pilot location will contribute to reducing this issue if a synergetic approach is used This chapter discusses the layout, possible construction methodology, institutional arrangement, and conceptual cost estimates for a pilot location to construct green embankments in the Masantol and Macabebe areas. Much care with safeguards being in place is needed when it comes to implementation of Nature-based Solutions in Masantol (Pampanga river east bank) as this area includes internationally important habitats for more than 40,000 migratory waterbirds connected to the Sasmuan Coastal Critical Habitat and Ramsar site. located nearby. As such the DENR-BMB currently is working on declaring portions of Macabebe and Masantol as Critical Habitat under Philippine Law. The pilot may have to undergo the EIA process.