Conceptual cost estimates

The following activities are foreseen to complete the construction of the outfall pilot

Project Management

  • ABB-BP or LGU representative full time

  • Stakeholder management

  • Expert support (Nature based solutions)

  • Expert support (Coastal engineering)

  • Contracting

  • Supervision

Detailed Design

  • Basis of Design

  • Numerical river modelling to prove impact on flooding and show that removing the part of the dike does not have a negative impact

  • Numerical coastal modelling

  • Breakwater design

  • Aquaculture


  • Bathymetric

  • Geotechnical existing dike

  • Geotechnical breakwater

  • Material testing dike


  • Demolish dike and re-use material

  • Dredge breakwater foundation

  • Built breakwater

  • Built aquaculture solutions

Pampanga river outfall conceptual costs estimates

Project Management

$ 177,000

Dike removal

$ 576,000

Breakwater construction

$ 2,520,000

Aquaculture solutions

$ 541,000

Contingency (10 %)

$ 381,400

Total costs (conceptual)

$ 4,195,400

It is important that the LGU will budget for the maintenance of the solution after the construction is completed.